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Alex's favorite omelet

Alex's favorite omelet

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The idea came to me when Alex asked me to make him an "omelet like his country grandmother used to make". When I asked him "Well, how did he do it?" she only knew how to tell me that she had corn in it. With only that as a clue, I decided to improvise. And that's how I came up with this recipe.

  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons milk,
  • salt and pepper
  • a teaspoon of Malay
  • 100g grated cheese
  • a sprig of green onion

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Alex's favorite omelet:

Beat eggs, along with 3 tablespoons of milk, salt and pepper.

So ... now the trick: In a small pan, put a tablespoon of oil, tilt it so that the oil covers its bottom evenly, and sprinkle a teaspoon of corn.

I let it simmer for 30 seconds, and then I pour the eggs over it, and cover with a lid.

After 4-5 minutes on low heat, the omelet is ready, all light and fluffy and pretty.

Grate the cheese on top, sprinkle some greens +/- green onions, fold it in half, and voila - the perfect omelette!

Cauliflower salad with mayonnaise

A simple and easy to prepare recipe that can be prepared for an aperitif or even for a dinner is cauliflower with mayonnaise and garlic. If you do not like cauliflower, it can be replaced by potatoes.

Necessary ingredients:

1 cup of homemade mayonnaise

Method of preparation:

Put 2L of boiling water in a saucepan. The cauliflower bunches are carefully cut and boiled for about 8-12 minutes. During boiling, add salt and pepper to taste.

After boiling and boiling, the bunches of cauliflower are removed from the pan and left to drain and cool for about 30 minutes.

Once the cauliflower has cooled, place it on a large plate and pour the mayonnaise on top. Everything is garnished with fresh parsley leaves.

How to make the perfect omelet. The recipe of the famous Cordon Bleu school in Paris

The omelet is one of the easiest dishes to make, but also the easiest to miss. In fact, it used to be a test of a chef's skills. In modern times, when technology is a big part of a hobby, a simple omelet could once again be the ultimate test.

Maybe some remember a scene from the classic movie "Sabrina", in which Audrey Hepburn plays a student at the famous Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris and gives. omelet test. Disputes over a simple omelet do not stop today: whether or not the pan should be made of cast iron, what spices we put, add herbs or other ingredients such as cheese and ham, when it's the perfect time to fold, it should be browned or not? The chefs at Cordon Bleu use only four ingredients, one of which is of particular importance for the success of the recipe.

Learn here the perfect omelet recipe from the famous Cordon Bleu school.

Zucchini omelette

Whether you choose to prepare it for breakfast or lunch, it is a very tasty and filling food

I don't miss the pumpkin from home all summer. I can eat bread, omelette, stews, etc. every day. My favorite omelet is the one my nephew used to call pizza when he was little :)) and he really liked it.

We clean and wash the vegetables.
In a bowl beat with a fork eggs.
We cut the onion and the pepper into small pieces, and first we peel the tomato and we also cut it into small pieces.
We put the zucchini on the large grater and squeeze it with water.
Put all the vegetables in the bowl with beaten eggs and mix.
Add the finely chopped parsley, salt, pepper, baking soda and gradually the flour, stirring until well blended.
Heat a pan with a tablespoon of oil and pour the composition into the pan.
Let it fry on the right heat then with a spatula, carefully, turn it on the other side and let it fry.
Remove the omelette with a spatula on a plate, slice it and serve hot with fresh tomatoes and peppers.

To prepare the potato omelette, we must first clean the potato, and fry it well, over low heat, so that it does not burn. I cut them very thin, because I wanted them to fry faster. While the potatoes are frying, beat the eggs well with a little salt. When the potatoes are fried, pour the eggs over them and let them fry on both sides. If you want, you can grate the cheese on top, but I like it so simple, possibly with a little tomato next to it or some other vegetable. You can also add ham or meatballs if you want. Sometimes I put telemea or even mushrooms on Maya, as she is crazy about mushrooms.

I think it took a maximum of 12 & # 8211 15 minutes until my omelet was ready. The time is influenced by how fast the potato is fried. Are you making potato omelette? Do you like this combination?

What is the favorite weekend food of Romanians. What to order most at home

Pizza, the most famous and consumed Italian dish, is also among the favorites of Romanians, especially on weekends. According to foodpanda, the largest food ordering platform in Romania, over 50% of the orders registered in the last days of the week are for pizza assortments.

If during the week, most Romanians who order from foodpanda opt for special lunch menus, always consisting of a main course based on meat, salad and dessert, on weekends most choose different types of pizza. According to the food panda representatives, the most ordered assortment in Romania is capricious pizza, with a thin and crispy top, enriched with fresh tomato sauce, basil, ham, mozzarella or fresh cheese, olives and mushrooms.

The second position in the top of pizza preferences is occupied by the peasant one, also with a thin top, but with a more generous and varied topping, with ham, kaiser, cheese, bell pepper, corn, tomatoes, olives, oregano or basil.

Margherita pizza, with crispy top and fresh topping, with mozzarella, tomato juice and fresh basil, is the third option of Romanians who order pizza from foodpanda on weekends.

& rdquoPizza is the perfect dish to share with friends, hence the very high orders for this assortment on weekends. Moreover, it is an affordable dish, especially since most orders come for more dishes, as a group, rarely receiving a nominal order for pizza on weekends & rdquo, says Radu Balaceanu, Country Manager foodpanda Romania.

According to him, the average price for a whimsical pizza is about 25 lei, for peasant pizza & ndash 20 lei, while the daisy is the most affordable, costing, on average, around 16 lei.

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This is the secret of Alex Velea's squares. The indecent revelations of the artist

"Stay so there are no minors around. Let me tell you now the training program and the secret of my abdomen. I look so good because I have a lot of hard sex", he confessed Alex Velea more jokingly, more seriously.

His daily menu Alex Velea contains for many years, only two foods, writes rice and chicken. The rice is not cooked, but simply boiled, and the chicken is grilled.

Occasionally, Alex Velea he makes another hyper-protein omelet from egg whites and drinks another yogurt.

"Every morning is perfect for me by the simple fact that "I exist" and the Divinity offers me a "page" on which I MUST "write." And to get down on my feet, I like the mornings when I have breakfast in bed, just like my mother caressed me when I was a child.", confessed the artist in an interview for ProTV Magazin.

I'm not a big gourmand, but sweets, although I don't consume them very often because deh. I evolve into "mayou", but "uciiiiid". I really like ice cream. But if I have to choose a "food" -Chicken Tikka- the pieces of chicken breast marinated in sauce, cooked in a special Indian oven.

The dream car:

Favorite drink:

Water is the best! I still allow myself a Cola Light from time to time and rarely alcohol, when I go out with "Fratziwearii".

Favorite city:

It coincides with his hometown - Craiova. I have so many beautiful memories about the city and the people in it, that I can't rank it other than in 1st place. I had the chance to see "the world", but at home. Nowhere!

Favorite perfume:

Freshly washed skin smells best.

Favorite or practiced sport:

I like fitness, because it develops you harmoniously and keeps you healthy. I've been practicing it since I was a kid, since I was 16 years old. I am dedicated, ambitious and serious. If you are the same. you will have results!

Ideal holiday:

I strongly believe that it doesn't matter the location, it matters the "entourage" with which I go to a place. The ideal vacation for me is with my crazy family and friends, without which my life would be more monotonous. Anywhere. but to be a sunny beach and many palm trees.

& # 8222E MY FAVORITE PRESENTER & # 8221

Ionut, the brother of the well-known TV presenter Tania Budi, is 32 years old and is an officer in the commercial navy. He had rented a beach in Mamaia resort this summer, which was frequented by many of the local VIPs.
The fact that his sister, 11 months older than him, is a well-known person did not bother Ionut. & # 8222I can say that I have always been proud of this. But that doesn't mean I've ever had the problem of taking advantage of the fact that she 's known. The young sailor speaks superlatively about the beautiful announcer: & # 8222We are best friends. She is the only person I accept any advice from, especially since I am convinced that she wants the best for me & # 8221. Like any child, they did their own thing. Ionut remembers one of them with a smile on his face: & # 8222We were three years old when we hid in a cardboard box. Because we freaked out a bit, we woke up rolling with the box on the stairs. Tania ended up with a broken head & # 8221. Ionut admits that he is subjective when he says about Tania that she is his favorite presenter: & # 8222But I can say that she is the only one I like & # 8221.
He was never tempted by a career in show business. He loves the sea very much and wanted to be close to it as often as possible. That is why he finished the Marine Institute in Constanta. He now works as a deck officer on a merchant navy ship. He's gone at sea about six or seven months of the year. And, even though he caught many storms, Ionut masturbates: & # 8222The fight with the sea or the ocean makes me feel like I'm alive & # 8221.

7 divine confectioneries in Bucharest (plus diet tips)

I don't know what the pandemic was like for others, but for me over the winter at least it meant A LOT OF FOOD, of all kinds. When Christmas came, I no longer wanted any cozonac, no beef salad, no wire, nothing, because I had eaten them all industrially in the months before.

It seems that the situation will be repeated at Easter, so if you want to follow my example, here are some places where you can buy good things for DIVINE, without which your life is certainly poorer, although you do not know that. I'm only going to tell you about sweets today, because it's a shame to mix things up. Anyway, don't forget, we all know, sugar makes you fat, right? Let's be moderate and healthy, so that we can meet for over 20 years in front of the bakery, after croissants and other things.

1. The best panettone in Bucharest, Romania, possibly in the world, is the one from Grain Trip. They struggled a bit to do it, but the people there are passionate about recipes and trials and they ended it in a truly spectacular way. Know that it is not very sweet. Also at Grain Trip you will find something called onion soup bread, plus baguette, which is, in my opinion, the best at the moment in Bucharest, but you can try, you don't have to take my word for it.

2. In a personal top of the cozonacs in the city, the cozonac made by Alex Andronic came in spectacularly last winter. Alex Andronic is a boy you can find on Facebook, who makes spectacular cakes and pies (which I didn't eat, fortunately, and I always refrain from ordering). He went to cooking school in Denmark, he wanted to open a restaurant in Romania, he opened it, it didn't work, in the end. Now she's making cakes. And I really have expertise in cakes, I tried all the hits on the market, some came close to my grandmother's cake / thousands (STANDARD), others not so much, Alex Andronic's is there. It has the right nut, it doesn't have shit (I don't understand the shit cake, what is the meaning).

Add to the list the cake from Mara Mura, the cake from Bread & Spices and the one from Rue du Pain.

3. Savarinele from Freedom, if you don't know them, well you should. We are in the city, but it would be nice to welcome them and hope that they are here to stay. And the place is beautiful and airy and with prosecco, it's worth a visit

And since Masterchef has never been your favorite show, the best idea is the one with the macaroni and cheese.

4. Macarons, if you will, certainly no one has surpassed Chocolat yet (where, if we go out of sweets you can eat among the best french fries in the city, maybe the best steak tartare and some wonderful shrimp). Portokalopita from Mara Mura and also from there choux with raspberries.

5. For cherry candies (yes, from those in foil, how they are made) you have to go to Staple. They have all the cakes of our childhood, plus chocolate offerings, plus croissants, if you want croissants, and, in addition, they have good cream, how to make, not tube cream (tube cream is something so bad that it should be banned , I'm really saddened that some people eat and appreciate something like that) (ps- and mini cheese pies from Capșa)

6. For cream cakes, I hope you know you have to go to Vanilla (another one was opened, in the Aviației neighborhood, dangerously located next to the Maria and Bread & amp Spices confectionery)

7. Last but not least, of course, (and the culmination is that I was looking) e Bezea cake. Without which there would be no more children's parties in my area, the simple, quick and good solution. Addition. Ffff important, you can send surprise meringue cake or gift without emotions, I sent enough and they all arrived at the right time.

I would also mention for the whole activity, so to speak, for longevity (in my life) and for the top of mind when nothing special comes to mind, but you would eat something good and sweet, Prăvălescu (well, I rather go there for others, but also for cake, donuts and a cake with some chocolate-buttery cream as in the past) and that confectionery on Dorobanti, next to Ana, which is also called Corobanti, I don't know how much (I really don't know how much) and Maria confectionery in Aviation (they have all the mini stuff on the planet, plus a lemonade with lemonade taste)

I also have some shortcomings, I don't know where to get an apple pie as it lives in my imagination, with a crispy sheet and creamy-flavored apple, as well as the pie with sweet cheese and raisins, there are some good ones, but disappear quickly.

I know you want to thank me for this article. WITH PLEASURE!

Note When it comes to Bucharest, Maria is encyclopedic. I mean encyclopedic. We have the feeling that she not only knows where in the city you can always find the best anything, but we suspect that she knows the names and the seagulls from Bucharest, plus their consumption habits, fashion, anything. On top of that, we love how he writes and how he writes. It & # 8217s a match, practical. Enjoy the city and life:

How the best chefs in the world cook eggs. 3 recipes to try at home

From Rene Redzepi's signature recipe, & ldquogaina and egg & rdquo, which he serves at the Noma restaurant, to Heston Blumenthal's creamiest omelet, we invite you to discover unique ways to cook ordinary eggs.

1. Rene Redzepi: & ldquoGaina si Oul & rdquo

2. Heston Blumenthal, the creamiest omelet

3. Self-frying egg from ChefSteps:

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