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Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat them with a pinch of salt .... and then pour the sugar little by little, mixing until it becomes fluffy.

Separately mix the yolks with the baking powder soaked in milk, margarine, honey and milk.

Mix well and pour the yolk composition over the egg whites and mix gently from the bottom up. Pour in the flour and mix.

Bake on the right heat, not before putting a baking sheet. (about 25-30 minutes ... but most likely testing with the toothpick ... I used a taller rectangular yena vessel). After it is baked, take it out and leave it to cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the syrup: put the butter, sugar, milk, cocoa, essence on the fire and let it boil.

We cut the top after it has cooled completely and we will soak each piece in the obtained syrup (which must be cold) and we will roll it in pink coconut.

  • 1 / 2kg sugar
  • 1 packet of margarine or butter
  • 4-5 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 8 tablespoons milk
  1. Mix the yolks with the sugar until they double in volume and become fluffy
  2. Add the oil little by little and incorporate it into the yolk cream
  3. Whisk the egg whites and add them over the yolks
  4. Carefully homogenize the composition with a spatula and wide movements from bottom to top
  5. At the end, add the flour mixed with the baking powder, little by little, stirring after each step, so that the dough does not leave.
  6. Pour the composition into a tray lined with baking paper or greased with oil and put everything in the oven, at 180 degrees, for about 25 minutes or until the top is cooked
  7. After the top is baked, let it cool so you can cut it into cubes.
  8. After the countertop has cooled and you have cut it into cubes, you can start using the cocoa icing.
  9. Add the diced butter or margarine to a double-bottomed saucepan
  10. Then add the sugar, cocoa powder and milk
  11. Leave everything on low heat until the ingredients are well dissolved
  12. When the composition starts to boil, leave it to stir for a few minutes, until it starts to thicken. You can check the glaze with the back of a spoon & # 8211 to work with her.
  13. Pass each cube on the countertop through the glaze left to cool for a few minutes, then roll it in coconut.

If you like chocolate in combination with coconut, then it's worth trying these delicious baked donuts with finetti and coconut!

For the top, beat the egg whites hard with a pinch of salt.
Separately, mix the yolks with the sugar until it doubles in volume, then pour the melted margarine a little, without stopping to mix. Put cold water and essence and beat for a few more seconds.
Add the coconut flakes and flour and mix with a spatula. Half of the egg whites follow and with movements from bottom to top we incorporate them in the mixture of yolks and flour.
Add the rest of the egg whites and mix well. Pour the composition into a high tray with baking paper and put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees, until it passes the toothpick test.

For the icing, put all the ingredients on the fire and stir constantly until it thickens, so that when you drop a drop of icing in a glass of cold water, it remains like a ball and does not dissolve in water.

Cut the cold countertop into squares, then pass each one through the glaze, which must still be warm, then through the coconut.

Special holiday cakes

Homemade cakes for festive meals, recipes tested and explained in pictures. I chose 40 homemade cake recipes, delicious, good-looking and that can be prepared without difficulty. Delight your loved ones with homemade cakes! Give joy! Amandine. Snow White Cake. Cake with leaves and sugar cream would Top 15 recipes for festive cakes for the holidays. There are no holidays, or rather holiday menu without including some festive cakes. As the number of cake recipes on the blog continues to grow and browsing lasts I thought I would come to your aid with a small collection of recipes festive cakes .. So I gathered together 15 festive cake recipes from the blog. the cakes look very good and I decided to open a cake delivery company at home. for orders larger than 50 pcs. we make a 25% discount on the price. Reply diva in the kitchen Posted by Postolache Violeta on December 08, 2013 in homemade sweets homemade cakes festive cakes recipes recipes cakes recipes for Christmas and New Year | Comments: 22 A party without cakes seems to have no charm, so we have prepared for you a collection of homemade cake recipes, festive cakes.

40 Recipes - Homemade Cakes For The Holidays -

  1. We have added some ideas for those who help themselves in the kitchen with the microwave (last 3 recipes), so that they can also enjoy a special holiday dessert. And maybe it would be good to know that all cake recipes can easily turn into cakes or a guguluf, if, of course, you have such a form of baking.
  2. . No holiday can be complete without a few desserts, especially when it comes to Christmas or New Year's Eve meals. So, below we have gathered some recipes that we consider suitable for these two special occasions. We hope you like it too.
  3. Recipes with everything, for everyone, including fasting. An entire section designed to prepare homemade sweets, which helps you easily choose a birthday cake or cake with which you will pamper your guests. Traditional food, cooked like at home by my mother, to the taste of any gourmet
  4. Homemade cookies. Do you crave cakes when you pass by a confectionery window? Are you picky and want to be sure of the ingredients in a cake? The only way is to prepare it at home, where you will have total control of the ingredients

Top 15 festive cake recipes for the holidays

  • childhood tests and holidays. Like the Parlament cake, the Tosca cake or the Mozaic cake, the TV cake is adored by housewives.
  • My dear ones, now on the eve of the holidays, I come to your aid with a selection of recipes for Christmas and New Year's Eve, with which you will surely delight your guests! There are festive recipes, simple recipes, quick recipes, special recipes, cheap but effective recipes, recipes for all tastes and for all pockets
  • Picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cherry cake, diplomat cake, dobos cake, tender croissants, gingerbread, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, cream cake, festive cakes, cake recipes , cookie recipes, croissant recipes, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes
  • Festive Cakes for the Holidays by Sara & Miki in Cake and Cake Ideas, Festive Menus, Cakes December 9, 2015 April 5, 2017 2 ♥ 15 Likes Like For all housewives Christmas starts every year well before December 24
  • 6. Christmas Cakes: Cake with 6 fruits and cinnamon. Christmas Cakes: Here is a fruit cake that is easy to prepare and can be made for the holidays. Ingredients Cake with 6 fruits and cinnamon. 2 bananas, 4 tangerines, 2 oranges, 2 apples, a large pomegranate, 3 kiwis
  • A collection of recipes for homemade cakes, simple, fasting cakes, fast, with fruit or chocolate, good cakes, cheap or without sugar. A delight

DECAR MACARONS: 4pcs (2.5 lei / piece). For each extra piece of macarons if you charge the fee of 2.5 lei / piece. CAKE TOPPER PRICE - 15 lei For the compositions Bezea, Carrot cake, Emoke, Jamaica, Montenegro, Mascot, Joffre and Silvia, the price is of 131 lei / kg The cake can vary with +/- 10-15% of the weight required Homemade cakes for the holidays - it is a top The best homemade cakes. I hope you found your favorite cake in this top. But if it is not .. Banat is one of the richest areas of the country in terms of cake recipes that have been preserved from our ancestors.. At this time of year, your thoughts fly more than ever to your grandparents and the rich meals they prepare. Homemade game pie or poppy seed or walnut pie were never missing from the house, at Christmas, in addition to the wonderful cakes. For. Christmas cakes in different forms of sophisticated and special recipes to impress your family and guests. Whole cookbooks with Christmas cakes have been written and every year a new dessert recipe appears that we want to try during the winter holidays. Sweets are ideal during this period, especially since.


All photos and articles presented on this site and their copyrights belong to the owner of Any multiplication, copying or publication of these without the written consent of the author will be punished according to the law in force (Law 8/1996 on copyright and related rights) Christmas and New Year's recipes (New Year) - holiday menus - carefully selected by Urban flavors for you. The fever of preparations begins, the drawing up of the lists with Christmas and New Year menus and of the shopping ones. Everyone wants to have as many tasty dishes on the table but not to spend too much. you would like to have them on your holiday table !. Don't forget to visit the post with Appetizers: Appetizer ideas for Christmas and New Year 2015. Click on each picture to get to the Holiday recipe, because the space in the fridge is limited, I prefer to make cakes that can be put one on top of that, without Newer Recipes Older Recipes I heard recently, reading a discussion from a culinary group on Facebook. The discussion was about what cakes housewives make now for the holidays. And it was mentioned, not just once this cake. One night in Venice. Curious by nature, I started doing research on the net. I could not find out the origin of the recipe

We have reached almost 100 cake recipes in 10 years of site and you will find here the best homemade cakes, traditional recipes, simple, explained in steps with pictures, many and VIDEO. Of course, the famous Tiramisu, Blackberries of all kinds, Apple and other fruit cake, Burnt sugar cream, Chocofalnul, etc. With a little dexterity, will and mobilization, you can prepare special cake recipes, which will delight the little imagination) in Appetizing excellent cake recipes, inherited from your grandmother. In addition, preparing these cakes you will feel 5 sweets for a rich holiday meal! Add to favorites. Whether it's Christmas, Easter or a simple Sunday, the homemade cake is indispensable on our table. Here are a variety of homemade cake recipes, from our childhood cakes - Albinita cake recipe, Snow White cake recipe, Cremsnit recipe, Isler recipe, eclairs and up to a collection of Brownies Snow White Cake recipes is the perfect homemade cake for holidays, events or special occasions. It is a delicious cake with a white top.

let me actually tell you what you're looking for. to fill your time. they may find you here. you never know. Boredom is a modern disease, why let it dominate us and not do something to fill our time, for example. to read a book, to cook or simply to leave the house and admire nature 24.08.2020 - Explore Ana Petruescu's board Cakes, followed by 284 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cakes, Sweets, Food

Festive Cakes - Recipe Book

  • Christmas cakes For Christmas, prepare some festive cakes with cinnamon and colored sugar. People who are looking for special gifts for Christmas can visit the Peasant Christmas Fair, where they will find many goodies. holidays,.
  • ute, from some commonplace ingredients that you will most likely already have at home before Christmas
  • Homemade cakes are not missing from the holiday table and more. Whether you have a craving for something sweet or friends come to visit, you will never fail with these homemade cake recipes that are to everyone's taste. The best homemade cake recipes. Snow White Cake Cake rolled with coconut Cake with orange juice
  • French Cake Sheets 300 gr flour, 150 gr sugar, 150 gr margarine, 1 baking powder, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 200 gr cream. Filling 6 egg whites, 250 gr sugar, 150 gr coconut. Cream 6 egg yolks, a vanilla pudding, 500 ml of milk boil until thickened. After cooling, mix with 250 g butter and 250 g sugar
  • If you are looking for delicious Christmas cakes, this chocolate cake with walnuts and rum is the perfect choice! It is an ideal cake even for the pre-holiday period, for Christmas fasting! Surely all the guests will be impressed by this delicious cake

Christmas cakes, mousses, sweet creams and other desserts

  1. Christmas Cakes: Christmas stump cake, a holiday delight. Ingredients Cake Christmas stump Top: 6 eggs 6 tablespoons water 6 tablespoons oil 6 tablespoons sugar 10 tablespoons flour 1 baking powder with saffron. Cream: 400 gr chocolate 400 ml fresh. Preparation Cake Christmas Stump Countertop
  2. - Eclairs with vanilla cream are preferred by adults, being the classic taste of eclairs made by my mother, on holidays, at home. Eclairs with ness cream - Ness cream, if it didn't exist, should have been invented, so if you haven't eaten eclairs with ness cream before, you must try them
  3. In this category I am waiting for you with the most delicious and tasty recipes for homemade cakes, quick and simple cakes. If you are wondering what dessert to prepare for the holiday meals, you will find here unique ideas of cream sweets or fruit cakes. For hot summer days, I recommend a lot of sweets without baking
  4. Holiday appetizers and special occasions, 5 easy holiday appetizer recipes: Dobos appetizer, salmon roll, chicken with sesame, sausage rolls and goat skewers. These holiday and special occasion appetizer recipes are perfect because they are easy and quick to prepare and the result is fabulous, you get some delicious and very good looking appetizers
  5. Unic Multicooker 5 in
  6. Because I noticed that you are frantically searching for Christmas cake recipes, I thought I would help you make a choice and I made a selection for you from the recipes on the blog. There are sweets recipes published earlier or more recently, some easier to make, others a little more pretentious, but all delicious
  7. Written by Teo on 21/12/2014 in Information, Homemade cakes, Traditional recipes In our country in Transylvania, it is somewhat an unwritten rule of Christmas cakes. We never do less than 5, and here the plateau is not full and you are a good host

What are the top 20 cakes for Christmas and

  • Special recipes. Follow these special recipes and prepare tasty and unique dishes. When you need culinary inspiration, here you will find special recipes for holidays or other important events that will get you out of the deadlock.
  • NEW YEAR'S EVE APERITIVE. Prepare something different for the New Year's Eve 2018 meal. Guests will surely expect dishes with sausages, vegetables and some meatballs. That's why you have to pleasantly surprise them and offer them something else. Here are some quick ideas for New Year's appetizers we suggest
  • 12 simple and quick fasting recipes, prepared for Christmas Lent, without eggs, milk and butter. Fast food and cakes step by step
  • In order to continue enjoying the delicacies made with your own hands, here is a collection of 10 simple cake recipes that we advise you to try. Smart cake If you haven't tried it yet, this recipe will be a real discovery in the kitchen
  • Christmas and New Year Cakes Pies with cheese and peaches. The winter holidays are among the most awaited holidays of the year. They bring joy, peace and tranquility, they make us better, more generous and closer to our loved ones. Now at the end of the year, we received a beautiful challenge from our Sun Food friends, to prepare delicious pies.

Festive Cake Recipes - Papa Bu Recipes

  • I found that sweets recipes for Christmas and New Year's Eve are already in high demand, so today I present you a summary of the sweets recipes posted on the blog which, in my view, go well with these occasions. Kinder penguin cakes Amandine Milch schnitte Ebony with meringue Black with chocolate mousse Black with cherries and chocolate Black with walnut
  • Cakes and pies for Christmas and New Year's Eve As the Christmas holiday is approaching, we have prepared a selection of sweets to inspire you for the festive meal, or rather the festive meals because the end of December comes with a chain of beautiful and magical holidays
  • Christmas Cake Recipes: Santa's Gifts Cake, Biscuit Salami Recipe, Coconut Roll
  • Cream Cakes 107 recipes: Cake with plums and walnut icing and cream, Cake with plums and cream top, Microwave cake, Cake with microwave yogurt, Cake with sheets and cream, Cake with apples, Quick cake with ..
  • Rumba cake with wafer sheets (Mozaic cake) With the desire to diversify my collection of wafer cake with cakes, I started doing research on the net to see what else I could do with them besides the classic wafers with caramel cream and those with shit cream or chocolate in wafer sheets
  • you most often from childhood, from the house with the inviting scents of grandma. The chefs invite you to rediscover the beloved cakes and to prepare with great pleasure fruit tarts, the classic chocolate cakes or the delicious pies.

Holiday recipes easy to make by any housewife. Choose which holiday recipes are right for you to have unforgettable moments. When the holidays are approaching, whether they are winter or Easter, we immediately think about what we will put on the table, so that there is plenty of food, for all tastes and for all preferences. We have gathered below a selection of special appetizers. , easy to prepare and super tasty to impress your guests. They are perfect for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter or any other day. Cake recipes. For the recipe proposed below, Oatmeal Cookies, I recommend using as a measure 1 cup of 250 ml. The recipe is easy, it cooks quickly and the biscuits are [

Ingredients In the Arab countries - Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine - mamool are the cakes with which both Muslims and Christians serve their holiday guests and are based on semolina flour. In addition to these cakes, guests are served with soft drinks. , chocolate and special candies for the holidays and bitter coffee with cardamom, boiled a lot until it becomes concentrated. It cannot be a Christmas and New Year's celebration without cakes and pies on the table. And if the cakes and pies are prepared at home then all the better. In the selection of Christmas and New Year Cakes we have gathered a multitude of cake recipes but also cake recipes, some more complicated and others extremely easy to prepare even for a beginner. Holidays VEGETARIAN RECIPES SWEETS AND CANNED COFFEE Cocktail Tips FAVORITE RECIPES Search 29,900 recipes. special cake recipes Page 1 of 5. You may also be interested in: New Year's cakes ,. Notify me of updates to special cakes. Alerts OK. Alerts are emails that are sent for free depending on your preferences. They contain both updates and news about the products and keywords you want. Special cake tray with silver

. a plate - 1.4 kg - 63 lei / kg The plate contains the following assortments of mini cakes: Mini eclairs with Cocoa Glaze, Mini Cake Ana, Alice with Fruit, Rio Cafe, Sicily, Spring Note: The products sold per kg can vary by + / - 10 -15% of the requested weight New Year's Cakes. Prepare really special New Year's cakes, to properly celebrate the night between the years. See what New Year's cake recipes we have prepared for you, and choose the one that suits your tastes Of course you can choose other recipes from site, but you can also go to the choices made by us where you will find 10 delicious recipes. To get in possession of the ebook 10 Holiday Cake Recipes just share this page with your friends so they can download the book

On this page you will find some ideas for special Easter recipes to help you select a special menu for such a big holiday! As we all know, Easter is the biggest holiday in the Christian world, which commemorates the Resurrection Jesus Christ, the Son of God Romanian and international culinary recipes, explained step by step. We have prepared fasting recipes, preserves, cakes and pastries, simple and fast food. I have 30 years of experience in the food field and a great passion for Romanian gastronomic traditions Of also, if it will be sour and with a fermented taste, it is not suitable for CAKE. Choose a fresh and well-squeezed cheese). Cream of pour the cheese over the sheet and put in the preheated oven at 180 of grade Celsius, unventilated. Meanwhile, beat the meringue, first frothing the egg whites with salt, then adding a tablespoon. of sugar, on. On the eve of the Holidays, I come to share with you this recipe for cake with walnuts and chocolate, incredibly fine, delicious and consistent, so consistent that it is recommended to be portioned into small pieces and to enjoy as sparingly as possible . I made a lot of cakes, recipes taken from the internet and. - Your portal for cool recipes - special cakes, culinary recipes, culinary tips, diets, healthy eating, restaurant guide, spices Special cakes @ 19313598736328., Cake with sheets and milk cream, Cake with sheets and cream semolina, Cake with leaves and cream, Cake with burnt sugar sheets and cream with ness, Cake with caramel cream, Cake with cream ..

Christmas cakes Between December 7-9, at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant takes place a fair dedicated to the Romanian winter holidays. People who are looking for special gifts for Christmas can visit the Peasant Christmas Fair, where they will find many goodies For important events in your life, be it a business meeting, a meal with family or friends, a party, wherever you want to delight your guests with a wide range of special tastes, we have the perfect solution, the trays with mini cakes, being of real help 6 eggs, 6 tablespoons sugar, 6 tablespoons flour, a little baking powder dissolved in lemon juice bake at the right heat. Countertop syrup: A glass of water, 200g of sugar, rum to taste. Cream: 4 whole eggs beaten with 250 g sugar, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 300 ml milk, 2 tablespoons flour and simmer

Chocolate or fruit cakes in Armand Confectionery Bucharest. Cakes based on French recipes in which we incorporate the best Belgian chocolate based on the famous recipe known Callebaut, natural whipped cream and fruits chosen with great care and attention by our confectioners All photos, videos and articles presented on this site and copyright of these belong to the owner Any multiplication, copying or publication of these without the written consent of the author will be punished according to the law in force (Law 8/1996 on copyright and related rights) White as Snow, childhood cake. Holiday flavored recipe. Make a note of it now! mini pavlova, easter recipes, carrion recipes, Pavlova, Ana pavlova, egg white recipes, special recipes Cakes and other goodies June 20 at 1:42 AM

I saw how useful the recipe collections are and I prepared a selection of festive cake recipes to make your search easier. Whether you want a weekend cake, an anniversary or a festive meal, I hope you find an idea you like here. gathered cake recipes for all tastes, delicious and appetizing, to inspire you and be useful In this post you will find special recipes for cakes and coffee cakes, desserts that you will fall in love with if you love the aroma and taste. There are recipes for cakes and cakes with coffee ideal for holidays, festive meals or simply for the simple treat with a special dessert. If you want to use coffee in desserts the recipes below will show you how to make.

Homemade cookies . 30 cake recipes as in ..

Dear Laura, you have some very beautiful and even special recipes, I have tried some of them, thank you for giving us ideas, advice and you are a real source of inspiration. I kiss you dearly and I wish you from the bottom of my heart happy and blessed holidays - Your portal for cool recipes - special cake recipes, recipes, culinary tips, diets, healthy eating, restaurant guide, spice Cakes of holidays. Dumy Confectionery welcomes cravings and lovers of sweets, with the most difference cakes of holidays. Pamper your taste buds with the flavor of the ingredients used and surprise your guests with a special meal of festive, full of CAKE and Dumy's unique flavors

The Bucharest Christmas Fair closes its doors on Thursday evening, at 22:00. On the last night of the fair, the Provincials (from 19:30), Damian Draghici & Brothers (from 20:10) and Horia Brenciu & HB Orchestra (from 21:10) will perform, according to the official program posted on the Facebook of the event. - All articles on the topic: Christmas cake Recipes for festive holiday cakes. Old cake recipes. Cream cakes. Pandispan top cakes. Sheet cakes. The best recipes for delicious and special cakes and homemade cakes, quick, with or without baking and easy to make. Explained step by step, these homemade desserts can be prepared for anything.

Homemade cakes, 9 best homemade cakes

  1. Call us (Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 18:00) or write to us at 0772.264.642 or at the e-mail address [email protected] and ask questions about coronavirus, social situations, medical, psychological support. It signals special situations
  2. Cake and cake recipes for Christmas and New Year 15 December 2019 5 comments I found that Christmas and New Year sweets recipes are already in high demand, so today I present you a table of contents of the sweets recipes posted on the blog which, in my view, I do well on these occasions
  3. see all 12 recipes from Cream and Cake Recipes. Gennaro's Pizza Dough Recipes, or Italian Style Pizza Greek Glues for Gyros Fasting Cake with Halva and Shit Homemade Puff Pastry Dough - Extra-Fast Quick Pizza Dough, No Yeast - VIDEO Recipe.
  4. i briose + 20
  5. Iosif and Maria Confectionery in Sebes offers you for various events: wedding cakes, christening cakes, personalized birthday cakes to order, a wide range of homemade cakes and cakes. All the recipes used are homemade recipes, the creams being made by traditional procedures: 33
  6. Offers products and services: special recipes. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers - Organic rice cookies with oranges (no milk, no eggs, no sugar
  7. Festive recipes for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter. For the holidays, the Romanian has a table full of selected dishes, more sophisticated or cheaper, according to his pocket. We have gathered some tips that will be useful. But no matter how poor he is, any Romanian prepares something better for the holidays

Recipes For Christmas And New Year - The Recipe Book

There are certain types of cakes that my mother used to make only around the winter holidays, for the simple reason that they were more special, more pretentious to prepare. In this way, every time I eat snow-white or TV, I remember my childhood, the Christmas tree, the presents and the winter that didn't seem so harsh at the time. Review the Christmas cakes photo collection - you might also be interested in cakes special christmas cakes from 2020 plus christmas cakes recipes with pictures. Homepage Ec 3,. 2012 holidays winter are ce the 2018 i looking

Video: Cakes - cakes - cookie

Anniversary trays with mini cakes. Anniversary trays on which we have selected the best mini cakes, depending on your needs, with lots of Belgian chocolate or fresh fruit, accompanied by serving packages, are ready to be delivered to your home or office In this post you will find special recipes for cakes and coffee cakes, desserts that you will fall in love with if you love its aroma and taste. There are recipes for cakes and cakes with coffee ideal for holidays, festive meals or simply for the simple pampering with a special dessert WEDDING CAKES - PRICES AND MODELS. Sweeten wedding invitations with cake trays! They can be placed at the reception or even in the lounge, in Swedish buffet style, from where your guests can be served with sweet delicacies whenever they want !. You can opt for mini-cakes or normal, classic cakes, and the diversity of assortments will ensure that you will include something for each of them. Easter gift basket with flowers and cakes. On the occasion of the Holy Easter Holidays, give a basket full of joy, color and sweetness. The basket contains a cube of spring flowers (sunflower, hypericum, thistles, gypsophila and decorative eggs), a cake with delicious berry cream and a white chocolate

»Festive Cakes for the HolidaysColors from Plates

Photocake cakes with the picture of the holiday, cake for companies and their products, wedding cake, homemade cakes, figurine cake for children, christening cake, surprise cake, cake for lovers, cakes, cookies, candies, pastries, holiday cake , hand-painted cake, bride's cake. for the team of photocake professionals. Publisher: AQUILA '93 & ltBR /\\<No.pages: 63 & ltBR / & # 92 & # 92 & ltISBN: 978-973-714-322-8 Cakes for family holidays offers a series of recipes for cakes, cookies and cakes for special occasions. Easy to prepare and delicious, they will sweeten your holiday meals. & ltbr & # 92 & # 92 & lt Old homemade cakes Especially now, on the eve of the holidays, the delicious garnishes we offer you will help you to pleasantly impress your guests and have a fairytale dinner! Celery puree Cauliflower cream Corn kernels in white sauce Carrot sauces Pumpkin puree Walnut pasta Pea sauces Walnut roll is a cake from the old guard of cakes. It was not an everyday cake but a cake that we only eat them for the holidays. The first time I ate it was at Moni, my bank colleague, whose mother made the best and most special cakes.

Christmas Cakes 2019

Brownies cakes with chocolate and nuts, a sensational delight for everyone! Order online this special brownies cake, with chocolate and nuts, a perfect gift for the holidays, for family and friends CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR CAKES Sweeten your Christmas and New Year holidays with delicious and natural cakes from Felicia Oradea Confectionery. You will feel the authentic taste of the cakes of yesteryear. YOU'RE WELCOME . HAPPY CELEBRATIONS !! Articles from special duets written by Muffins - Cakes - Twisting cakes, muffin papers, heat-resistant silicone forms, cake / cake cartons, personalized decorations, edible prints, etc.) Search: Tag Archives: special duos. NEWS (15.XII.2016) December 15, 2016. WINTER HOLIDAY PROGRAM 2016-2017 DAYS. Before you start posting, we advise you to read the RULES of the forum! If you sign up, please do not forget about the forum and be active. We hope you have fun and make new friends. Subiect: Prajituri Dum 14 Aug 2011, 13:52 [Trebuie sa fiti înscris şi conectat pentru a vedea această. Contor de cuvinte Shop Fursecuri biscuiți cornulețe fragede după rețeta bunicii livrare in toată țara. Annamaria Lazar martie 25, 2020 Leave a Comment on Fursecuri biscuiți cornulețe fragede după rețeta bunicii livrare in toată țara.

Retete de prajituri delicioase - Retete culinare by Unica

Suport crem, pentru prajituri, cu 3 nivele - este un produs ideal pentru servirea prajiturilor, fructelor, sau a tortului la aniversari si petreceri. Platoul este dispus pe trei nivele care servesc drept suport pentru deserturi in cadrul unui candy bar. Caracteristici de baza ale acestui produs:ar Prajituri vechi de casa. Download Arc Reactor 1.07 Apk file (4.85Mb) for Android with direct link, Free Entertainment Application to download from APK4Now, or to install on Android directly from Google Play Vara are un avantaj net fata de alte anotimpuri: furnizeaza o varietate larga de fructe proaspete, care sunt piesa de rezistenta a celor mai bune prajituri. Cu putina dexteritate, vointa si pofta care te mobilizeaza, poti pregati retete deosebite de prajituri, care vor face deliciul zilelor tale de vara Fie ca este vorba despre torturile deosebite din vitrine sau cele comandate pentru evenimente speciale, de tavitele de prajituri pentru sarbatori sau cele de candy bar pe care le puteti comanda pantru acasa sau le puteti savura la Cofetaria SAS de pe strada Valentin Rosada, ori de inghetata cu adevarat artizanala italiana pe care o puteti servi.

Cumpara Retetar pentru prajituri - cadou de Craciun de la Croitorasulcelviteaz pe Breslo, cel mai mare marketplace cu produse handmade, unice si creative din Romania Ingrediente pentru blat 6 ouă, 180 gr zahăr, 150 gr făină, 35 gr cacao, 35 ml lapte, 35 ml ulei, un pliculet praf de copt Ingrediente pentru sirop 200 gr zahăr, 50 gr miere, 400 ml apă, 30 ml esenţă rom, Ingrediente pentru glazură 300 gr ciocolată menaj, 60 gr unt cu 80% grasime Ingrediente [ Retete culinare si Preparate culinare pentru orice moment din viata ta. With this blog I want to share with you my experience as a mother in preparing the delicious dishes I make, knowing that I am pretentious and I was often appreciated and then urged to write my memoirs so that my descendants can remain these recipes and not only to them but to the entire Romanian nation LABORATOR cofetarie - 9 MAI > torturi nunti, evenimente, prajituri casa > COFETARIA DELICIA, Baia Mare, M Elegant suport pentru fructe si prajituri cu 2 etajere - este un produs ideal pentru servirea prajiturilor, fructelor, sau a tortului la aniversari si petreceri. Platoul este dispus pe doua nivele care servesc drept suport pentru deserturi in cadrul unui candy bar. Caracteristici de baza ale acestu

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Patiseria italiana, principala sursa de venit a fundatiei CUORE INIMA DE COPIL va ofera torturi nunti, ocazii deosebite, sarbatori, petreceri revelion, mese festive, comenzi caserole prajituri, fursecuri, cozonaci, saleuri, pizzette, inghetat Prajituri specifice cofetariei, prajituri de casa. Produse pentru sarbatori. Cele mai delicioase prajituri si torturi pentru orice ocazii va asteapta numai la Cofetaria Irina. Pentru ocazii deosebite realizam cele mai speciale torturi si prajituri. Pret de la 11 euro. Torturi si prajituri cselectat . Cere oferta (0) Cookie Jar Prajituri vechi de casa Prajituri vechi de cas

Pentru decorurile de Craciun pe care vreti sa le folositi la torturi, cupcakes sau alte prajituri, acest mulaj este perfect. Puteti folosi mulajul cu pasta de zahar, martipan, ciocolata, pasta modelatoare. Dimensiune: 10.5 x 10.5. Puteti realiza 12 decoruri diferite, dupa modelul celor din imagine. Pret: 78 lei. Set cutter in forma de ste Prajituri de casa, prajituri pentru acasa. Zalau - Dana, Zalau, Zalau - Rated 5 based on 2 Reviews Delicioase, proaspete si facute in casa

Prăjitură Tăvălită cu glazură de cacao

Prăjitură Tăvălită cu glazură de cacao este rețeta pe care multe dintre mamele noastre o făceau când noi eram de-o șchioapă. Eu nu am crescut cu ea, însă am descoperit-o acum câțiva ani și de atunci o pregătesc constant pentru diverse ocazii sau pur și simplu când avem chef de ceva dulce și nu știm ce ne dorim.

Se face rapid, este delicioasă și cred că ar fi foarte distractiv pentru cei mici să-și murdărească mânuțele în glazură.

În caietul mamei mele această tăvălită are două variante de blat, o variantă este cu un pandișpan simplu, cealaltă un blat cu miere. De data aceasta am pregătit varianta cu miere, urmând ca în viitor să scriu și cealaltă variantă. Deși tind să cred că mierea asta îi oferă o aromă mai specială, deci cred că prefer varianta asta.

Din categoria „aș mânca ceva dulce, dar rapid de făcut și fără să merg la magazin să cumpăr ingrediente”, găsiți pe blog:

chec în 2 culori, măsurat la lingură chec cu lămâie prăjitură cu magiun și bezea

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Ce spun cititorii despre "10 moduri de a-ti alcaliniza corpul chiar azi"

Iata ca am ajuns acesta pagina despre 10 moduri de a-ti alcaliniza corpul chiar azi , cautand despre alcalinizare. Acum ce sa zic ca faci treaba super. iti recomand sa cunosti si pagina web o pagina despre judetul maramures. Numa bine

N-ati inteles nimic. Nu trebuie sa cheltuiti bani pentru a va alcaliniza. Nu trebuie decat sa va bucurati de tot ceea ce aveti, sa fiti bucurosi, multumiti, fericiti, etc. O atitudine pozitiva ALCALINIZEAZA CORPUL.

Dimineata un pahar cu apa calda sucul de la oo lamaie si o lingurita mica de. bicarbonat de sodiu.trebuie avut grije ca paharul sa fie mareca face reactie .

un pahar cu apa plata in care punem o lingurita de otet de mere.

Sunt foarte multe modalitati de alcalinizarea corpului. Fiecare poate alege dupa gustul lui. 1. Sarea. 2 Sucul verde din plante medicinale: hranul, valeriana, frunze de viata de vie, urzica, amarant, napi, frunze de morcov , de sfecla rosie. 3 Otetul de mere ajuta la mentinerea unui pH optim pentru organism. 4.Ciuperca Kombucha alcalinizarea corpului, curăţă vasele de sânge – astfel protejează împotriva aterosclerozei şi poate reduce eficient tensiunea arteriale -, precum şi declanşează procesul de autovindecare al corpului. Apa cu argila. apa cu coral. moarea de varza. si multe altele cum ar fi apa de coral .

Apreciez acest subiect si eu simt aciditatea din corp si consider ca daunneaza mult . L?mâia deja o consum diminea?a .

eu folosesc lamaia dimineata ,apoi din cand in cand bicarbonat de sodiu.

latele? nu suntem vitei sa bem lapte. In perioada de crestere, da este bun, dar dupa la maturitate nu ne mai trebuie lapte care sa ne ajute cresterea, Laptele este de fapt un amestec biologic, bacterial de chimicale.

latele? nu suntem vitei sa bem lapte. In perioada de crestere, da este bun, dar dupa la maturitate nu ne mai trebuie lapte care sa ne ajute cresterea, Laptele este de fapt un amestec biologic, bacterial de chimicale.

Cand spui asparagus te referi la sparanghel nu?

În momentul în care bei ap? alcalin? nu faci decât s?-?i fu?i pu?in stomacul. Stomacul a fost l?sat de la Dumnezeu s? secrete acid clorhidric pentru a descompune mâncarea. Bând ap? alcalin? nu reu?e?ti decât s? cre?ti pH-ul stomacului ?i s? iri?i mucoasele. Desigur, acela?i lucru îl faci ?i bând b?uturi carbogazoase. Desigur, bând porc?rii chimice (nu musai cola, toate-s la fel de rele) bagi în tine suficiente otr?vuri încât raportul 1 pahar porc?rie: 9 pahare ap? s? mi se par? mic. ?i acum despre cele 10 metode de alcalinizare (de fapt tu vorbe?ti despre o cur??are a trupului) - calciu ?i magneziu nu sunt metale alcaline ci metale alcalino-p?mântoase. - cartofii SUNT buni. Depinde doar de tine cum îi prepari. Pr?je?te-i ?i ob?ii o bomb? cu efect întârziat, fierbe-i la abur (nu în coaj? fiindc? toate pesticidele cu care au fost trata?i ca s? reziste, solanina care apare când sunt expu?i la lumin? ?i altele sunt stocate în coaj? sau în apropierea ei ?i prin fierbere reu?e?ti s? le amesteci uniform) sau în ap? sau coace-i (dar nu în folie). O s? ob?ii un aliment de calitate superioar?. - Laptele nu ?i-o pl?cea ?ie dar este unul dintre alimentele de calitate superioar? fiind unul dintre extrem de pu?inele care con?ine TO?I cei 7 aminoacizi esen?iali. ?i da, dac? nu ai o diet? care s? con?in? permanent lapte, corpul uit? s? mai secrete enzima de metabolizare a laptelui. Îns? prin transformarea în iaurt, deja vorbim despre altceva ?i devine mult mai u?or de asimilat. - NU, cartofii dulci nu se pun ca alegeri s?n?toase fiindc?: sunt adu?i, deci trata?i de-i ia mama zmeului ?i bagi prostii în tine. ?tii cum se mai numesc cartofii dulci? Ingname sau batate. Ai idee din ce s-au f?cut primele anticoncep?ionale orale pentru femei? Bingo! Din batate sau igname înainte de a se trece pe hormoni de sitez?. A?a c? o diet? bogat? în a?a ceva poate s? interfereze în echilibrul hormonal al ambelor sexe. ?i da, inclusiv m?rarul nu e recomandat tuturor femeilor, chiar dac? stimuleaz? cre?terile glandelor mamare aka sâni. - Exerci?iile fizice sunt generatoare de aciditate (pentru cunosc?tori, ciclul Krabbs prin care glucoza e spart? pentru generarea de energie, ob?inându-se ca produs nedorit fix acidul lactic). Îns? da, sunt benefice pentru organism din alte motive. - sarea de mare: TOAT? sarea este de mare. Îns? aia de salin? are avantajul de a fi fost cristalizat? într-o epoc? în care poluarea uman? era 0 absolut. Ceea ce nu se poate spune despre sarea ”de mare” care se ob?ine prin evaporarea apei de mare din zonele costiere. Care sunt destul de poluate. PS: O sare bun? are peste 95% con?inut de NaCl. Sarea româneasc? are 97%. Asta înseamn? doar 3% pentru restul de impurit??i. Deci sarea neagr? de nu ?tiu unde, aia roz de Himalaya (nu z?u, taman Himlaya. ) sunt la fel de bune ca ?i asta autohton?. Doar c? nu-s de fi?e

Despre sare: sarea noastra gema este sare autentica, lasata de la Dumnezeu. Teritoriul Romaniei de azi a fost, cu multe milioane de ani in urma, fund de mare (cunoscuta in paleoistorie drept Marea Sarmatica, un nume atribuit de savanti). Faptul ca in perioada preistorica (acum vreo 10 milenii), pe teritoriul Romaniei de azi si a zonelor din jur, au existat numeroase grote, pesteri de tot felul,a facut posibil ca omul preistoric sa supravietuiasca in lunga perioada a ultimei glaciatiuni, cand mai la nord de Maramures erau ghetari de peste 1000 metri grosime, iar intregul teritoriu al Europei de azi era nelocuibil din cauza frigului polar si a ghetarilor. Deasemenea se gasea pe aici o flora si o fauna abundenta, aceasta facand posibila o alimentatie indestulatoare. Dar secretul cel mai mare al supravietuirii oamenilor si animalelor, era sarea, muntii de sare din Carpati, precum si sarea subterana, care pe atunci era facila fara prea mari eforturi, nu trebuia sa sapi prea mult ca sa o afli. Aceasta sare a fost si este necesara organismului pentru functionarea glandelor cu secretie interna, facilitarea "electrolitului" intern si asigurarea biocurentilor electrici, aceasta favorizand evolutia si inmultirea indivizilor, asigurand generatii din ce in ce mai evoluate. In multitudinea de elemente care au asigurat supravietuirea omului in timpul ultimei mari glaciatiuni, existenta sarii de buna calitate si din abundenta, este elementul vital. La finalul glaciatiunii, incalzirea globala a dus la topirea uriasilor ghetari, ghetarilor ce a dat nastere la importante deluvii, care au transformat intreaga Europa intr-o uriasa mlastina, nelocuibila, dar a creiat in arealul carpato-danubiano-pontic conditii exceptionale pentru vietuire, hrana abundenta, inmultirea exceptionala a animalelor de tot felul intre care si cornutele mari si mici, a cailor si a ovinelor. Oamenii parasesc treptat grotele, se muta pe vaile apelor, pe valea Dunarii inferioare unde apar primele locuinte construite, apare agricultura, pastoritul si inventeaza roata. Din nou sarea gema, bolovanii de sare cunoscuti pe timpul bunicilor nostri distribuiti peste tot in ograzile taranilor romani la dispozitia animalelor, care ling sarea fara sa le invete cineva sa faca asta, fac totul din instinctul supravietuirii, sau maruntita pentru fabricarea branzei, punerea carnii si a pestelui la sarat, aparitia muraturilor de tot felul, constituie elementul vital pentru existenta vietii si a inmultirii vietii prin procreiere. Sarea a devenit si prima forma de plata, daca vreti prima forma de acumulare de avere, a dat cuvantul de "salariu" forma de plata cu sare (salata=sarata). Sarea de Himalaya, este o sare valoroasa, nu este scumpa (cca dublu cat costa sarea gema locala), contine oxizi de fier, de unde culoarea rozalie, nu este poluata, dar poate fi o sare industriala vopsita in roz, caci excrocii gasesc usor drumul catre profit. Sarea gema carpatina este cea mai sigura, caci este folosita de milenii.Rafinarea acestei sari nu este vreun folos, ba din contra, la fel cu tot ce este rafinat sau procesat. Folosita sub forma cu bob mai mare (nu extra fina), este mai folositoare. Desigur, orice exces nu este recomandat. Sarea este iodata de la natura, apele noastre contin sare si iod, cu eceptia arealului Prahova, unde apele sunt sarace in iod si duceau in trecut la aparitia gusei si la probleme cu glanda tiroida, acolo era necesara administrarea iodului ca medicament. Acum se iodeaza sarea din hotarare guvernamentala, ca urmarea a problemelor creiate de radiatiile de la Cernobyl, care inca emite iodaina radioactiva catre atmosfera dar si catre apele freatice sau cele curgatoare din zona dezastrului si pentru a elimina pericolele de degenerare a generatiilor de oameni sau animale.

Despre sare: sarea noastra gema este sare autentica, lasata de la Dumnezeu. Teritoriul Romaniei de azi a fost, cu multe milioane de ani in urma, fund de mare (cunoscuta in paleoistorie drept Marea Sarmatica, un nume atribuit de savanti). Faptul ca in perioada preistorica (acum vreo 10 milenii), pe teritoriul Romaniei de azi si a zonelor din jur, au existat numeroase grote, pesteri de tot felul,a facut posibil ca omul preistoric sa supravietuiasca in lunga perioada a ultimei glaciatiuni, cand mai la nord de Maramures erau ghetari de peste 1000 metri grosime, iar intregul teritoriu al Europei de azi era nelocuibil din cauza frigului polar si a ghetarilor. Deasemenea se gasea pe aici o flora si o fauna abundenta, aceasta facand posibila o alimentatie indestulatoare. Dar secretul cel mai mare al supravietuirii oamenilor si animalelor, era sarea, muntii de sare din Carpati, precum si sarea subterana, care pe atunci era facila fara prea mari eforturi, nu trebuia sa sapi prea mult ca sa o afli. Aceasta sare a fost si este necesara organismului pentru functionarea glandelor cu secretie interna, facilitarea "electrolitului" intern si asigurarea biocurentilor electrici, aceasta favorizand evolutia si inmultirea indivizilor, asigurand generatii din ce in ce mai evoluate.

Eu nu as recomanda deloc migdalele avand in vedere ca in compozitia lor au cianuri. Migdalele se consuma fara coaja, si in cantitati foarte mici. Cat despre alcalinizare, cele mai alcaline sunt alimentele verzi. Iar apa ar fi de preferat sa fie de izvor, nu din PET-uri.

E nevoie de 30 de pahare de apa alcalina pentru a neutraliza un pahar de cola. Incercati sa beti apa alcalina si tot corpul se va revigora, va intineri, se va infrumuseta. Aportul de ioni negativi ai apei alcaline Kangen neutralizeaza eficient multimea de radicali liberi care ataca organismul nostru. Gasiti mai mult despre valoroasa apa kangen pe

Am 61 de ani . In tinerete nu aveam informatiile de care cu totii ne butem bucura ,cu care ne putem ingriji sanatatea . Pot sa spun . ca organismukl meu aproape ca imi spoteqa sa fac ceea ce acum citesc l. Si am fadcut . aproape exact ..Pot sa spuhn ca pana la acesti ani ,am avut o greuatae miraculos CONSTANTA variind cu max 2kg (sus sau jos ). Am 1.60 iar greutatea 42-44 (fara sa fiu deloc slaba!-gimnastica m-a ajutat enorm. zilnic ..ani si ani ,din adolescenta . Nu puteam sa-mi incep altfel ziua. adaugand alergari sau inotul zilnic ..dar destul de des . )NU AM LUAT NICIODATA ,ABSOLUT NICIODATA NICIUN MEDICAMENT . NU A FOST NEVOIE ,NU AM SUFERIT DE LA NIMIC . Hrana ..da ..exact cum scrieti ..fara sa-mi dau seama ca urmex a dieta excelenta . Vreau sa spun ca ceea ce scrieti este foarte foarte adevarat !

Pentru ca ma simteam foarte rau,de vre-un an de zile,incerc sa pun in aplicare,pe cat posibil,cele scrise in acest articol. Ma simt mai bine. Multumesc pentru aceste informatii,foarte importante!

Rețete inrudite

Se preincalzeste cuptorul la 180 de grade.

Se mixeaza oul cu zaharul.

Se adauga pe rand oul, untul si laptele si se mixeaza.

Se adauga faina, apoi bicarbonatul sting cu suc de lamaie.

Compozitia se pune intr-o tava de 35吕 cm.

Se pune tava in cuptor si se tine pana cand blatul incepe sa se rumeneasca.

Se scoate si se lasa sa se raceasca.

Blatul se taie in cuburi de marime egala.

Ingredientele pentru glazura se pun intr-o craticioara si se incalzesc pe foc pana cand se omogenizeaza.
Se lasa deoparte sa se raceasca.

Se ia cate un cub si se da prin glazura.

Prajitura tavalita cu nuca de cocos – reteta video

Ai incercat aceasta reteta? Urmareste-ma pe @JamilaCuisine sau tag #jamilacuisine!

Nu stiu altii cum sunt, dar eu cand ma gandesc la cocos si ciocolata ma gandesc la prajitura tavalita. Cocosul si ciocolata sunt doua ingrediente care imi plac foarte mult asa ca incerc sa le folosesc in diverse deserturi. Recent, am facut batoane Bounty, delicioase si usor de facut. Acum a venit randul retetei de prajitura tavalita, un pandispan pufos de vanilie si unt, glazurat cu ciocolata si tavalit prin nuca de cocos.

Prajitura tavalita este unul dintre deserturile copilarei noastre. Se facea in mod obisnuit din pandispan simplu taiat in bucati, inmuiat in glazura de cacao si trecut prin nuca de cocos. Eu am preferat sa merg pe varianta prajiturii Lamington, de origine australiana.

Din acest motiv am facut pandispanul cu unt, care i-a dat un gust nemaipomenit si am inlocuit cacaoa din glazura cu ciocolata amaruie, pentru a-i potenta si mai mult aroma. Prajitura tavalita a iesit absolut minunat. Pufoasa, aromata, cu un gust minunat de unt, iar glazura de ciocolata este dementiala, atat de buna incat poate fi bauta ca pe ciocolata calda.

Daca ciocolata amaruie nu este pe placul vostru puteti folosi ciocolata cu lapte, iar daca nu va place nuca de cocos, puteti tavali prajitura prin nuca macinata, migdale, alune sau alune de padure. Tablet cake in nuca de cocos este foarte buna alaturi de un pahar de lapte rece si neaparat alaturi de cineva drag. O puteti lua cu voi la diferite petreceri, picnicuri sau alete evenimente si va garantez ca va face furori.

Ingrediente Cheesecake clasic:

  • 200 de grame de biscuiti graham (sau biscuiti digestivi)
  • 80 de grame de unt
  • 3 linguri de zahar

crema de branza:

  • 1 kilogram de crema de branza (gen philadelphia, exquisa) sau 700 de grame de branza de vaci grasa, bine scursa de zer, mixata cu 300 de grame de smantana grasa (minimum 25% grasime) si apoi trecuta prin sita
  • 170 de grame de zahăr
  • 3 linguri cu varf de faina
  • 150 de ml. de smantana pentru frisca
  • 3 oua mari
  • arome: vanilie (eu am folosit o pastaie de vanilie) si/sau coaja rasa de lamaie/portocala

Preparare Cheesecake clasic – blatul de biscuiti cu unt

1. Pentru inceput, se pregateste o forma cu pereti detasabili de 24 cm. diametru: se unge bine cu unt, optional se acopera fundul cu un disc potrivit ca dimensiune de hartie de copt, bine unsa cu unt si ea.

Se porneste cuptorul si se fixeaza la 200 de grade Celsius.

2. Biscuitii se sfarama fin, ca pesmetul si se pun intr-un castron. Se topeste untul si se toarna peste biscuitii la care s-au adaugat si cele 3 linguri de zahar.

3. Se amesteca cu grija biscuitii cu untul topit. Ceea ce se obtine nu trebuie sa semene cu o pasta, cu un aluat, vor fi pur si simplu firmituri de biscuiti impregnate cu unt, oarecum umede (impropriu spus, pentru ca untul nu umezeste). Se toarna in forma pregatita.

4. Se preseaza cu grija biscuitii in forma, creand un strat uniform pe fund si de jur imprejur, la o inaltime de aproximativ 4 cm. Va recomand sa va folositi de o cana cu fundul plat sau chiar de degete, dar cu mana infasurata intr-o punga de plastic.

5. Se da forma cu blatul de biscuiti in cuptorul preincins la 200 de grade Celsius pentru 8-10 minute, pana devine usor auriu pe margini, apoi se scoate iar temperatura cuptorului se reduce la 150 de grade Celsius.

Preparare Cheesecake clasic – pregatire compozitie de cheesecake

6. Daca se foloseste vanilie naturala, se despica pastaia, se razuiesc semintele si se pun intr-o craticioara in smantana pentru frisca masurata (150 de ml.). Se da in clocot apoi se tine pe foc foarte mic (cu grija, sa nu dea in foc, se umfla ca orice e din lapte) timp de inca 10 minute. Se lasa sa se raceasca, se scoate pastaia (dupa preferinta, se pot strecura si semintele de vanilie, mie una imi place sa le vad prin crema) si se foloseste pentru reteta (poza 1) .

7. Crema de branza impreuna cu zaharul si faina se pun in vasul unui mixer si se bat cateva minute bune, pana se omogenizeaza foarte bine, de cateva ori va fi nevoie sa se desprinda compozitia de pe peretii vasului cu o spatula, apoi se va continua sa se bata (poza 2) .Se adauga smantana si se bate in continuare pana cand compozitia devine cremoasa deodata cu smantana se adauga si aromele (daca folositi esenta de vanilie sau zahar vanilat, la fel, coaja de citrice). Pe rand, se adauga cate un ou, se bate cu mixerul pana la incorporare apoi se adauga si urmatorul (poza 3) . Compozitia finala trebuie sa fie neteda si spumoasa (poza 4) .

Dacă folositi branza de vaci, aceasta trebuie in prealabil data prin sita sau lucrata cu blenderul de mana cateva minute, sa devina foarte fina, apoi se omogenizeaza perfect cu smantana (300 de grame) grasa. Dupa aceste operatii preliminare, se continua conform paragrafului de mai sus.

8. Se toarna crema peste blat, se niveleaza usor si se da la copt in cuptorul incins la 150 de grade Celsius (aveti grija sa nu fie inca prea fierbinte cuptorul – dupa coacerea blatului – caz in care crema va avea tendinta sa crape la suprafata, daca temperatura e prea mare).

Preparare Cheesecake clasic – coacere

9. Cheesecake-ul se coace la 150 de grade Celsius timp de 50-60 de minute, pana cand marginile sunt usor ridicate iar mijlocul inca tremura putin. Daca are cumva tendinta sa se arda/rumeneasca deasupra, reduceti putin focul si acoperiti suprafata cu o coala de hartie de copt umezita cu apa.

Preparare Cheesecake clasic – servire

10. Se lasa sa se raceasca complet in forma apoi se da la frigider pentru minimum 3 ore inaintea servirii. Se scoate din forma dupa ce se trece cu un cutit intre peretii formei si cheesecake de jur imprejur, apoi se lasa sa alunece pe platoul de servire ajutandu-ne de fundul formei. Daca nu ati folositi hartie de copt, va fi nevoie sa desprindeti cu un cutit lung prajitura de baza formei metalice.

Se poate servi ca atare, pur si simplu pudrand suprafata prajiturii cu zahar pudra, sau se pot adauga fructe proaspete, jeleuri de fructe, sos caramel, de ciocolata, conform preferintelor fiecaruia.

Prajitura este foarte buna, nu e greu de preparat, necesita doar putina atentie.


Daniela a trimis o reteta minunata la Concursul nostru: Tavalita. Bring spring with you with your wonderful recipes prepared for your loved ones and you can win a DeKassa 10 Liter pressure cooker with extra glass lid, a wok pan with lid and Bergner ceramic interior (Vioflam series), or a steam cooking pot with two Peterhof sites (bottom encapsulated in 3 layers), offered by


300 g zahar
2 tablespoons honey
200 g lapte
60 g unt
coaja de portocala
2 eggs
500 g faina
1 baking powder
250 g zahar
5 linguri lapte
200 g unt
50 g ciocolata
esenta de rom

Method of preparation
Blat -Mixam ouale cu zaharul pana devine ca o crema, adaugam untul, mierea si laptele treptat, amestecam pana ce se omogenizeaza. Amestecam faina cu praful de copt si coaja de portocala, adaugam peste compozitia de ou si amestecam pana ce se omogenizeaza. Turnam compozitia in tava tapetata cu hartie de copt si dam la cuptorul incalzit pana trece testul cu scobitoarea. Lasam sa se raceasca bine dupa care o vom taia,
Sirop- Adaugam intr-un ibric untul, laptele si zaharul si punem pe foc mic pana ce se topeste untul, adaugam ciocolata si esenta la final, amestecam pana ce se omogenizeaza.
Fiecare bucata o vom trece prin sirop dupa care prin nuca de cocos,

Video: TRANDAFIRI DIN MERE I Valeries Food (May 2022).